How Much Does a Horse Need to Eat?

In The Well Horse program, we focus quite a bit on what we feed our horses. We consider forage quality, daily nutrition values, and concentrate ingredients carefully for the individual horse’s needs. As important as quality is though, we can’t forget about sheer amount. Feeding a horse ‘enough’ not only optimizes weight management efforts, but also determines proper gastro-intestinal function and satisfies innate psychological needs. The question is, How much is Enough?

Healthy Hooves for a Healthy Horse

Ty has officially been a part of The Well Horse program for two months now! & a busy two months it’s been! With this, I’m excited to share about Ty’s hoof care as it proceeds with one condition- He must remain barefoot.

Feeding Horses During the Cold Season

As we close in on November, cold weather sweeps through horse country! For owners & managers, it’s important to stay in tune as the temperature drops and grass goes dormant. To keep horses warm, round, and comfortable through the winter, we often need to step in and adjust nutrition programs. Here are 4 key points to keep in mind when planning out cold season feeding!

Tips to Understand & Manage a Cribber

I’ve studied some of these guys and done some soul searching to put these horses in a different light. With this, I’ve realized how to better understand and manage the cribbing horse and am excited to share the revelation!