Bags Built for the Barn

Strong Shout out to Noble Outfitters for creating a tote that thrives in the setting of horses, spray bottles, and tailgating! The Equine Essential Tote is certainly essential in my barn, as its unique design offers convenient use, bio-security measures, and mold resistance! Going for $49.99 (with mini totes at $24.99) Rover weekend, Equine Essential Totes can be found @ HorseLoverZ Booth, One Stop Equine Shop, & In The Stirrup

Durable & Drain-able

The Equine Essential Tote is designed with a 600 denier polyester canvas that resists water and repels dirt. The heavy duty inner coating of the tote is non-porous and can be easily hosed out. The BEST thing about these totes- The coated mesh bottoms! These totes drain out their floors, and with this, damp cloths, muddy brushes, and runny spray bottles are no longer a groom’s frustration to deal with. Mold doesn’t grow in the environment that the bag presents, and bacteria does not fester, so the tote offers a level of bio-security when it travels off the farm.

Designed for Horse People

By nature, horses and horse people are not easy on their things, and they have high expectations for convenience. Ergo, the totes have been designed to stand up to horses and horse people. The flexible, durable walls of the tote allow it to bend under pressure and squeeze into spaces that should not logically contain it. There is also a space for EVERYTHING. The mix of open top & covered pockets make small item storage a breeze, and in the center of the tote individual sections are allotted for spray bottles. Light weight and practical, the Equine Essential Tote is a bag built for the barn!

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