Meet Kitt

Kitt is an 18 year old thoroughbred who has done it all! Starting his career on the track, Kitt raced for several years. He then moved on to be a successful polo horse. At the end of his polo career in  2015, Kitt was donated to Bearfoot Ranch, where he has been retired for 3 years. Now, Kitt is preparing to shine as he jumps into his senior wellness restoration program!

Like many horses, Kitt did not settle into a retired lifestyle very well. While this seems like a well deserved life transition, the sedentary lifestyle did not match Kitts need need for physical and emotional stimulation. His muscular atrophy and weakness in tendons and ligaments puts a toll on his joints, causing him stiffness and fatigue. Moreover, Kitt has the heart of a saint and has spent his life in service. In retirement, he doesn’t have the same flare to his personality. This horse is a prime candidate to have a senior horse management program.

Fortunately for Kitt, the wonderful people at Bearfoot Ranch love and care for him, and he has a bright future ahead! With the support Bearfoot Ranch, Kitt will be spending the next 3 months in a wellness restoration program at Dreamer’s Knoll Farm, and we couldn’t be more excited to have this lionhearted fellow!

Stay tuned in for all of Kitt’s updates as we share his progress and talk about the management strategies, services, and products we use to help him become the best horse he can be!


One Comment on “Meet Kitt

  1. Interesting Madison, the first paragraph about Kitt is equally well applied to us humans – healthy life can be everywhere, eh?


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