3 Reasons Why Tribute Does It Best #3 weeks Into Kitt’s Senior Wellness Restoration

Here we are three weeks into Kitt’s Senior Wellness Restoration, and he couldn’t be improving faster! When Kitt got to Dreamer’s Knoll farm, we were less concerned with his weight, and more concerned with the extent of his muscle atrophy. Now his coat has got some serious bloom, he’s put on most of the weight he needs, and he is quickly building topline! I want to give a shout out to Tribute Equine Nutrition for helping Kitt to be the best horse he can be! With that, here are the top 3 reasons that the Dreamer’s Knoll Herd is Powered by Tribute!

Quality Protein & Effective Amino Acid Balance

Kitt’s example reveals the power of quality protein in a diet. On Tribute’s Kalm Ultra blend Kitt’s coat has bloomed, his hooves are growing like weeds, and he is not only gaining weight, but also building muscle! Bio-available protein from soybeans in Tribute feeds helps even the the lean built thoroughbreds to maintain bulk.  Moreover, the well balanced amino acid content in the feed makes for efficient breakdown of fed protein and restructuring of biological protein.

Moral of the Story- It’s more bang for your buck, and your horses become big & shiny!

Gastrointestinal Support in Every Bite

Horses have two methods for breaking down nutrients and sending them to the blood stream. In the small intestine, they have biological enzymes that do the dirty work, and in the cecum and colon, they host microbes to do the job for them. Horses often run into digestion, absorption, and inflammation problems when the environment in the hind gut does not support a sufficient amount of microbes. When this is the case, we need to maintain the gut by continually repopulating it with microbes. All Tribute feeds offer fortified prebiotics, probiotics, and enzyme units to help the GI tract do its job from start to finish. With the direct fed, heat stabilized microbes, the horses benefit from improved fermentation and nutrient absorption.

Moral of the Story- Tribute feeds are great for the gut

Energy from Fat & Digestible Fiber

The source of concentrated energy is important to consider, particularly for horses that eat a significant amount of formulated feed. When we feed in large amounts (2+ lbs) at a time, we begin to max out the small intestine’s ability to utilize the nutrients that it’s presented. This means that starch can escape the grasp of enzymatic digestion and reach the microbes in the hind gut. Not Good. This is where concentrates with energy provided by cereal grains (starchiest being corn) will compromise the environment of the hind gut and the ability of the microbes to do their jobs.

This is why energy from fat and fiber gives nutritionally needy horses an edge! With more surface area, the hind-gut can handle more fiber than the fore-gut can handle starch, and the beet pulp provided by high energy blends like Kalm Ultra is easy for the microbes to handle! Concerning the fat, Tribute feeds supply the horse with quality fatty ingredients like flax seed, soy bean oil, and rice bran. This helps contribute to weight maintenance and a mighty shine!

Moral of the Story- High Fat, High Fiber= Round and Happy Horse

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