Putting a Bow on Kitt’s Senior Wellness Restoration

Hooray Kitty!!! After three months of optimizing Kitt’s weight, soundness, and conditioning, Kitt has made his way back to Bearfoot Ranch to participate in the Special Olympics over Georgia program, and begin his new career as a therapy horse. We are all so excited to see Kitt shine in his new environment. 

Look at the before & afters in both Kitt’s physical & emotional wellness

Physical Health

Pre-Senior Wellness Restoration

Post-Senior Wellness Restoration

Kitty arrived to Dreamer’s Knoll with exhausted suspensories, an arthritic front left fetlock, complete muscle atrophy, and a need for about 200 lbs. Through proper nutrition, BEMER therapy, Rock Tape, body conditioning, massage, and some serious TLC, Kitt has been restored to a serviceably sound, round, strong senior-citizen ready to jump into a career of therapy lessons!

A special shout out to Tribute Equine Nutrition for supporting Kitt’s Senior Wellness Restoration!!! IMG_4215

Emotional Wellness

Pre-Senior Wellness Restoration

When Kitty arrived at Dreamer’s Knoll, he had very little confidence and minimal energy. He lived on the bottom of the pecking order and showed little interest in relationships with horses and people.

Post-Senior Wellness Restoration


Now that he feels like a rock-star and has a reason to enjoy people, Kitty has become charismatic, saucy, and quite a mares’ man! He takes a morning gallop around the pasture, pushes his girls around, and throws a little zest in his step!



Checkout Some of Our Favorite Moments with Kitt!

Please know that Kitt is available for sponsorship! While he thrives in the therapy program, we all know that every horse deserves to be loved by someone unconditionally at least once in his life. Kitt has paid his dues. He’s done it all and has the jewelry to prove it! For anyone interested in being the next step in Kitt’s journey, please contact



About Madison Maavere

Hello, I am a young professional in the equine industry with a passion for improving horses' physical health and emotional wellness. I grew up riding horses in north Georgia and by the time I was 10, I decided I wanted to ride professionally. This dream grew into the mountain that I climbed every day, striving to reach the top. Until I was 16, I did not have my own horses, so I began diving whole-heartedly into any barn that would allow me to work off rides, training, and showing. While this path may not have gotten me the most blues in the show ring, it opened my eyes and my heart to the vastness of the horse world and how perception based it can be. When I was 16, my family moved out on 6 acres so I could have my horses at home (IE, so my family could see me on a daily basis), and for this, I am truly grateful. Running my own farm, albeit small, was liberating and humbling, and it revealed to me that my passion was not so much for riding sport, but for the love of the horse. Fast forward 6 years, and I am well into my final year as an undergraduate Equine Science/Management major at the University of Kentucky. I have been so fortunate in the opportunities I've received here and the relationships I've been able to build. The cutting edge research, quality horsemanship, and innovative businesses located around Lexington, KY have given me a strong sense of reality, and inspired me to really look at where I can make an impact in today's horse world. What I've realized is that while I like equestrian sports, I love the horse. Moreover, I love to help the horse. I want it to be happy and relaxed, to be sound and comfortable, to eat well and be healthy. I want the horse to have every defense against pathalogical disease, and I want it to have skill sets that people value so it can live a long, loved life. In this love, I feel called to advocate for the horse. I want to learn everything I can about how to improve horses' sustainable wellness, and I want to share what I learn so that horsemen of all experience, backgrounds, and goals can feel inspired and enabled to improve their horses' lives. It is my true desire to initiate and spread a dynamic in which horses are not for the industry, but the industry is for the horses.

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