The Dream, The Goals, & Today’s Tactics

Happy 2019 Everyone!!! I hope you’ve all had a stupendous start to the year and are knee deep in the journey towards your goals and resolutions! 2018 was a wild ride for me personally. From devastation and loss rose new vision, and from that vision came The Well Horse. Over the past year my perspective shifted and developed; I was humbled; by the grace of God I was given a second chance. I learned about loyalty at its most trying, and I learned about walking away from toxicity. My 2018 ended with a bang; as some of you may know I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelors degree in Equine Science & Management. Collectively, 2018 gave me a lesson in peaceful, process focused purpose. With this lesson, I can’t wait to see what 2019 has to offer!

All of this being said, I want to dedicate this post to sharing my vision for The Well Horse. I planted this vision on March 10th, 2018. Until now, it has been covered– protected from the elements of life, predators, and my own insecurity. Now though, I as the vision becomes more tangible, more possible, and needing more expertise, I want to share it and let it show its hand. So for those of you reading this- thank you for your time and for your interest in The Well Horse mission.

So here it is: The Dream, The Goals, & Today’s Tactics

The Dream

The Well Horse maintains a mission to learn about, educate on, and promote sustainable wellness in horses. With this mission and a team of dedicated people, The Well Horse will develop into a farm program that specializes in rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing horses who have serviceable potential. This facility and program will host other non-profits, educational programs, and community organizations, using the horses and the mission as a basis for learning and involvement. The Well Horse program will offer freelance marketing and promotion for companies and other organizations that support our mission. We will offer specialty board for rehabilitation and sale prep purposes. The facility will host clinics, board approved CE seminars, and community events. Our education and web presence will spread fresh veterinary and management practices and ideas around the industry.


The Well Horse dream is lofty and long term. It sits high up on a mountain that we’ve just started to climb. Ergo, with reality in mind, I’ve come up with three goals for 2019 to work towards the mission focused farm program.

Goal 1) Expand the Blog

In order to help more horses, learn from more people, and develop a broader network, The Well Horse blog needs to reach more people. To start off the year towards this goal, the following tactics will take priority from day to day!


Search Engine Optimization. Long story short— there are strategies and tactics that I can use in my website/article design that will help boost The Well Horse relevance on a google search. With this, I ask for all of your patience as readers, as I will be optimizing many past articles, and will be posting new articles less often for the foreseeable future.

Better Articles

With the above statement in mind, I will focus on publishing better articles with clearer writing, more relevant topics, and more basis for interaction with readers. So please please please, if you ever have topics you would like focused on, questions about anything health related in the equine industry, or even questions/concerns about articles I’ve written, let me know! While I can’t guarantee I’ll have an answer for you right away, learning is the first part of The Well Horse mission, and with a strong equine network, I will find answers!

Improved Social Media Marketing

For those of you who follow The Well Horse Facebook page, bear with me! And Twitter followers, I’m just sorry. Daily posts/shares are my goal. With this, the more interaction I can get from followers, the easier it is to pinpoint what you like!

Goal 2) Start Building a Team of People Who Share the Dream

A farm program will need time, resource, and people. An expanded blog will also need time, resource, and people. People provide support, expertise, education, perspective, force, and teamwork. With people, The Well Horse will grow and develop into a program shaped like success.


Networking is about planting seeds and building relationships with people. I almost don’t feel that relationship building belongs in a tactic description, as this process in itself is a meaningful way of life. None the less, I will be actively searching out new professional relationships, friends, mentors, and mentees this coming year!

Be Honest & Transparent

With lofty vision for The Well Horse, I am already confronting situations that test my resolution to live a service-centered life. This means I will have to be diligent and discerning to make sure to build relationships with respect, support, and honest intentions. I will be transparent with my motives and actions, and ensure to put the person before the relationship.

Goal 3) Rescue, Rehab, & Re-home a Horse

Of all things to be a part of in the horse industry, my favorite is taking a horse out of a a bad situation, helping him to his best, and placing him with people who appreciate his significance. I have been SO fortunate to have taken part in all segments of this process. Now, to kick start the ‘program’ portion, The Well Horse will host a rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing journey for a horse with serviceable potential.

Make a Plan

This process will require a plan. With a team of advisers, we will need to decide what specifically to look for, what to budget for, where resources will come from, and how to use this horse to further spread The Well Horse mission.

Count the Cost

Before embarking on this journey, we will need to budget out the horse’s stay with The Well Horse. With the blog’s expansion and a game plan, I’m confident we can get this covered!

Proceed with a Flexible Standard for Success 

When working with horses, we all know that a course of action rarely goes as planned. With this, it will be important to have a flexible standard for success. The mission is to optimize the horse’s health & wellness and to give him serviceability. We may pick up a horse with goals to have him perform athletically, and if he proves incapable in that realm, we reevaluate. We will need to have a plan B to secure the horse’s safety and prioritize his well-being.

Word of the year: Stride

~To walk in long, decisive steps in a specific direction~

In order for a dream to become reality, one must act, moving towards the dream with unshakable intention, sustainable pace, and clear vision.


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