My name is Madison Maavere, and I am a horse person. I have worked my way across the horse industry from barn management, to feed sales, to vet teching in internal medicine. I have dreams of moving up the levels in dressage with my OTTB, but also swear my next horse will be a quarter horse when I get to swing a leg over a working cow pony. And of course, living in Lexington, KY, I get an absolute thrill taking photos of morning workouts at Keenland.

But the bliss of horse experience doesn’t come without the cost. Over the years, living and learning through horses who don’t make the highlight reels, all roads have led me to an overwhelming passion to cultivate and maintain a well horse. A horse who is sound, sane, and serviceable. A horse who adds value to the person and receives value from the person. So as my professional life twists along, and my personal horse interests build and broaden, I step increasingly into an advocative position for the horse. I strive to create a culture where the horse is not for the industry, but the industry is for the horse. 

So thank you for jumping in on the mission. Whether you are a junior rider, adult ameatuer, or professional horseman, you have a unique perspective and position to advocate for the horses around you. Wake up each day and choose to do so! Healthy horses don’t result from a product or a single perspective in training and management. Instead, they result from a program of people, practices, and tools that support the horse’s individual needs. What an amazing objective we have as horse people. 

I hope you can find The Well Horse content useful, enjoyable, and thought provoking; thanks for reading!



Nate, Madison, & Dazzle

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