Healthy Hooves for a Healthy Horse

Ty has officially been a part of The Well Horse program for two months now! & a busy two months it’s been! With this, I’m excited to share about Ty’s hoof care as it proceeds with one condition- He must remain barefoot.

Glenn- The Significance in the Eye of a Horse

Out of all the talented & successful riders, trainers, owners, breeders, and business people in our community, I have no deeper respect than for the horseman who can let go of the logistics of “success” and embrace the humility, patience, selflessness, and love that comes with knowing the significance in the eye of a horse. 

From Starvation to Silver Spoons, Woody’s Success Story

Before we jump into to an extremely heart warming, inspiring transformation story about a cheeky little quarter horse, there are a few themes to be aware of.

Loving the animal matters. He needs a reason to stay alive.
Patience and perseverance is key, rehab takes time, faith, and a blind eye to naysayers.
The reality of purposing rehabbed horses is not always easy. Success takes grit and a can do attitude.

Looking for GI Support? Try ‘Visceral’ from Mad Barn Supplements

The more we learn about our horses’ GI tracts the more we realize we need to support their health. Gastric pain, dull coat, poor topline, sluggish performance, misbehavior, and muscle tension can often be traced back to gastro-intestinal problems. Even hard keeping horses reveal inefficient digestion & nutrient absorption. So how can we help the engine of the horse?

Bags Built for the Barn

Strong Shout out to Noble Outfitters for creating a tote that thrives in the setting of horses, spray bottles, and tailgating! The Equine Essential tote is certainly essential in my barn, as its unique design offers convenient use, bio-security measure, and mold resistance! Going for $49.99 (with mini totes at $24.99) Rover weekend, Equine Essential Totes can be found @ HorseLoverZ Booth, One Stop Equine Shop, & In The Stirrup.