Category: Ty’s Story

Healthy Hooves for a Healthy Horse

Ty has officially been a part of The Well Horse program for two months now! & a busy two months it’s been! With this, I’m excited to share about Ty’s hoof care as it proceeds with one condition- He must remain barefoot.

Ty’s First Breakthrough: Neuromuscular Dentistry

I am SO delighted to announce that Ty’s road to wellness is underway! Today, I am excited to talk about a specific practice of equine dentistry that has set Ty’s path for physical health. Thank you to Neuromuscular Horse Dentistry!

To The Horse Who Saved My Life & The One Who’s Given Me A Second Chance

I’m excited to announce a new in The Well Horse program! While this post gets more personal than I usually go publicly, I think it’s necessary to express Ty’s importance to me, and to those who advocate for the horse. Welcome home Ty!