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FERDINAND. Recognizing Heroes in horsemanship

We climb mountains in our journey with the horse; we balance the struggle to make progress with our lifestyle that takes shape around the animal. Ferdinand provides an example of purpose, dedication, and true horsemanship where it’s most needed.

The Dream, The Goals, & Today’s Tactics

As The Well Horse vision becomes more tangible, possible, and needing more expertise, I want to share it and let it show its hand. Thank you all for your time and interest in The Well Horse mission!

The Well Horse’s Top 10 for 2018

Staying true to The Well Horse mission, I want to promote some products that have proven instrumental to my horsemanship & horses’ health this year! Please enjoy The Well Horse’s Top 10 for 2018! 

We’re Ready for Winter with our Guardsman 4-In-1!

As a Georgia girl living in Kentucky, snow makes my heart bristle, and my toes cold. The weather has also revealed Ty’s disdain for the devil’s dandruff. Fortunately, with the Guardsman 4-in-1, Ty is ready to brave the cold!

Glenn- The Significance in the Eye of a Horse

Out of all the talented & successful riders, trainers, owners, breeders, and business people in our community, I have no deeper respect than for the horseman who can let go of the logistics of “success” and embrace the humility, patience, selflessness, and love that comes with knowing the significance in the eye of a horse. 

From Starvation to Silver Spoons, Woody’s Success Story

Before we jump into to an extremely heart warming, inspiring transformation story about a cheeky little quarter horse, there are a few themes to be aware of.

Loving the animal matters. He needs a reason to stay alive.
Patience and perseverance is key, rehab takes time, faith, and a blind eye to naysayers.
The reality of purposing rehabbed horses is not always easy. Success takes grit and a can do attitude.

Bags Built for the Barn

Strong Shout out to Noble Outfitters for creating a tote that thrives in the setting of horses, spray bottles, and tailgating! The Equine Essential tote is certainly essential in my barn, as its unique design offers convenient use, bio-security measure, and mold resistance! Going for $49.99 (with mini totes at $24.99) Rover weekend, Equine Essential Totes can be found @ HorseLoverZ Booth, One Stop Equine Shop, & In The Stirrup. 

4 Highlights from Erin Sylvester: Conquering Rover Cross Country

Noble Outfitters featured rider, Erin Sylvester, looks forward to Rover cross country day after a successful dressage test on Friday! Erin’s Irish thoroughbred, Paddy the Caddy, has proven to be a strong and tactical cross country horse and will be a fierce competitor today as he makes his debut run at the Kentucky 3-Day. We were so fortunate to be able to pull Erin aside from her busy day and talk about cross-country and horse health! Here are four highlights of Erin Sylvester’s training and sports medicine program that help horses prepare for and recover from America’s 4* cross-country course. 

3 Noble Products for Every Barn

Creeping into the Summer season, horse people have a lot to look forward to. Summer brings tan lines, shiny horses, showing, and warm weather! The wonderful people at Noble Outfitters have been working all winter to prepare the health products necessary in every barn this season. I know that these three Noble products will be abundant in my barn this summer to keep my horses happy and well!

Ready to Weather the Kentucky 3-Day?

The countdown is almost over! Tomorrow marks the start of the 2018 Land Rover Kentucky 3-Day Event, and here at Noble Outfitters we couldn’t be more excited! With open course walks and event activities starting at 1 O’clock today, the Kentucky Horse Park is busy working with new exhibitors, new sponsors, and new competitors. One thing that will never change, drum roll please… the weather forecast for the weekend stretches from 40-80 degrees with a chance of rain.