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Healthy Hooves for a Healthy Horse

Ty has officially been a part of The Well Horse program for two months now! & a busy two months it’s been! With this, I’m excited to share about Ty’s hoof care as it proceeds with one condition- He must remain barefoot.

Healthy Hooves Hop Higher

Spring is upon us! Birds chirping, grass growing… freezing rain and twenty mph winds… Well, spring will get here at some point. Whenever spring does decide to arrive, I’m sure we will all be raring to get on some horses! While spring is a time to get our horses fit, it’s also a time to pay close attention to our horses’ hoof health. With new grass, ever changing ground quality, and more active horses, the hooves can take quite a pounding. I would love to get some input on Hoof Health Care from all the horse owners reading this post!