Health & Wellness Evaluation Form

I find it helpful to have a baseline for each horse’s health. In order to keep track of this, I’ve created a standard scale to rate and note on a horse’s health and wellness. Updating this form on a monthly basis, I can keep track of all the horses under management with with information specific to their individual development and needs. 

5 Ways to Improve a Horse’s Road Trip

It’s time for Dazzle & I to head to our home farm in Georgia for the summer, and with this we have an 8-hour trailer ride. As I’m preparing her for the trip, I realize how much we can do for our horses’ wellness by investing in a healthy, comfortable trailer experience. Over the past few years, I’ve come to follow a sort of check list to ensure my horses’ optimum wellness during and after trailering. I’m so excited to talk about my

Top 5 practices in promoting a well horse on a long road trip!

5 Steps to a Substantial Topline

When starting the process in developing a horse’s topline, I begin more or less with these five steps. While each horse needs an individual development plan, it’s helpful to me as a manager to have a baseline process to start with. 

What to do with the Right Answer

My favorite thing about working with horses is the unique relationships we develop. In its rawest form, training a horse is an ever-growing relationship where two individuals build a unified language. With this language, horse and rider can understand each other, educate each other, and make or break the relationship itself.

Return On Relationship

Over the past few years, I have managed and trained personal horses as well as ‘investment’ horses. I recently came across this concept of ‘Return on Relationship’ instead of ‘Return on Investment’ and was delighted because I think it’s so relevant in this horse world we revolve around.

Healthy Hooves Hop Higher

Spring is upon us! Birds chirping, grass growing… freezing rain and twenty mph winds… Well, spring will get here at some point. Whenever spring does decide to arrive, I’m sure we will all be raring to get on some horses! While spring is a time to get our horses fit, it’s also a time to pay close attention to our horses’ hoof health. With new grass, ever changing ground quality, and more active horses, the hooves can take quite a pounding. I would love to get some input on Hoof Health Care from all the horse owners reading this post!