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Choosing the best feed for my horse

Standing in line at my local Co-op the other day, I heard the question of all questions from an overwhelmed soul in front of me. “There are so many options… Which is the best feed for my horse?”

When does my Horse need Senior Feed?

Being mom to a 21 year old princess mare, I sympathize with the uncertainty in optimizing an older horse’s diet. I hope to help simplify this topic. So without further ado, lets talk about feeding the ‘senior’ horse!

How Much Does a Horse Need to Eat?

In The Well Horse program, we focus quite a bit on what we feed our horses. We consider forage quality, daily nutrition values, and concentrate ingredients carefully for the individual horse’s needs. As important as quality is though, we can’t forget about sheer amount. Feeding a horse ‘enough’ not only optimizes weight management efforts, but also determines proper gastro-intestinal function and satisfies innate psychological needs. The question is, How much is Enough?

Feeding Horses During the Cold Season

As we close in on November, cold weather sweeps through horse country! For owners & managers, it’s important to stay in tune as the temperature drops and grass goes dormant. To keep horses warm, round, and comfortable through the winter, we often need to step in and adjust nutrition programs. Here are 4 key points to keep in mind when planning out cold season feeding!

Sustainable Treatment for Ulcers & GI Inflammation

Establishing the reality of the problems in the gut, we can more clearly see realistic solutions. Here are the 6 steps we like to take to nip Gastrointestinal irritation in the bud once and for all!

7 Factors Contributing to Hard Keepers

A healthy horse carries healthy weight, so hard keepers remain deficient for a reason. However, with such a broad demographic making up thin horses, it can be a challenge to determine the source of the problem. Fortunately, focusing on the common denominator, the digestive tract, we can run through a checklist to narrow down why a horse won’t gain weight. Here are 7 common causes to run through when struggling to put weight on a horse.

Looking for GI Support? Try ‘Visceral’ from Mad Barn Supplements

The more we learn about our horses’ GI tracts the more we realize we need to support their health. Gastric pain, dull coat, poor topline, sluggish performance, misbehavior, and muscle tension can often be traced back to gastro-intestinal problems. Even hard keeping horses reveal inefficient digestion & nutrient absorption. So how can we help the engine of the horse?

3 Reasons Why Tribute Does It Best #3 weeks Into Kitt’s Senior Wellness Restoration

Here we are three weeks into Kitt’s Senior Wellness Restoration, and he couldn’t be improving faster! When Kitt got to Dreamer’s Knoll farm, we were less concerned with his weight, and more concerned with the extent of his muscle atrophy. Now his coat has got some serious bloom, he’s put on most of the weight he needs, and he is quickly building topline! I want to give a shout out to Tribute Equine Nutrition for helping Kitt to be the best horse he can be! With that, here are the top 3 reasons that the Dreamer’s Knoll Herd is Powered by Tribute!

Healthy Horse Secret (Part 2)- Which Hay is Good

In the first post to the ‘Healthy Horse Secret’ sequence we talked about feeding quality hay as the primary source of nutrition and GI support for a horse. Now that we have established the importance of ‘good hay’ in a horse’s diet, the question lingers- What hay is good??? The answer to this has a constant portion and a variable portion, and I am so excited to talk about both! 

Healthy Horse Secret (Part 1)- Feed Good Hay

It’s no secret that feeding horses is one of my favorite things to do. With a vast spectrum of breeds, disciplines, environments, and body types, formulating the right diet for any horse can be a bit of an art. However, there is a constant across all feed programs that gives horses shiny coats, proper muscling, healthy GI tracts, and strong immune systems. This constant is feeding good quality hay!