Category: Seasonal Care

How to Keep your Horse Cool this Summer

While a horse would prefer a good 50-65 degree day, we can do quite a bit to help our equine friends adjust to the warm weather. Here are 5 ways to protect your horse from the heat.

Feeding Horses During the Cold Season

As we close in on November, cold weather sweeps through horse country! For owners & managers, it’s important to stay in tune as the temperature drops and grass goes dormant. To keep horses warm, round, and comfortable through the winter, we often need to step in and adjust nutrition programs. Here are 4 key points to keep in mind when planning out cold season feeding!

How to Win the Fight Against Flies

As the temperature rises, as does the song of the swarms! Flies, gnats, ticks, and other insects are not only a nuisance to horses, but can also spread disease, complicate wound healing, and contribute to loose and lost shoes via round the clock stomping. In order to fight of the flies, we have to approach the issue from all angles. I find these three tactics effective in keeping my horses free from bothersome bugs!