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FERDINAND. Recognizing Heroes in horsemanship

We climb mountains in our journey with the horse; we balance the struggle to make progress with our lifestyle that takes shape around the animal. Ferdinand provides an example of purpose, dedication, and true horsemanship where it’s most needed.

Effective Bodywork for Horses

The Well Horse is so excited to share about effective bodywork for horses as the practice has been so influential to the health and wellness in our barn! With expertise from Masterson Method bodyworker, Katie Riley, we can dive into the ins and outs of Masterson Method and its practical applications in a horse’s management program.

Ty’s First Breakthrough: Neuromuscular Dentistry

I am SO delighted to announce that Ty’s road to wellness is underway! Today, I am excited to talk about a specific practice of equine dentistry that has set Ty’s path for physical health. Thank you to Neuromuscular Horse Dentistry!

3 Soundness Checkpoints to Address When Starting Up An OTTB

As we pull these horses off the track to point them towards new careers, we need to address a few health aspects that affect the vast majority of OTTBs. Having been fortunate enough to play with many a thoroughbred, I am excited to share 3 Essential Soundness Checkpoints when Starting Up an OTTB!

Making the Most of Trialing Sports Medicine Therapies

The drawback to the newly possible solutions/supplements in horse health rests in their overwhelming volume, and as horses are individuals, some therapies work better than others for specific cases. As a horse mom who wants the best for her babies, but also a barn manager who keeps an eye on budgeting and efficient investments, I would love to share my 6 steps to make the most out of trialing sports medicine therapies.

Sustainable Treatment for Ulcers & GI Inflammation

Establishing the reality of the problems in the gut, we can more clearly see realistic solutions. Here are the 6 steps we like to take to nip Gastrointestinal irritation in the bud once and for all!

Overly Sensitive Horse? Try the BEMER

Whether Sullae’s trend toward sensitivity stems from GI discomfort, muscle tension, mental insecurity, or some low grade combination of everything, his overall diagnosis has been simple- not quite comfortable enough. Like too many horses, this plateau of ‘not quite right’ due to possible, variable factors can be frustrating and difficult to conquer. Fortunately for Sullae, he has taken to the BEMER. 

5 Ways to Fight Laminitic Flare Ups

While the spring grass rush may be over, now is the time of stressed pasture. Whether pasture is fighting drought, excessive rain, or dealing with the peak heat of the day, stressed pasture means lots of sugar. Moreover, allergies are prominent right now, and steroidal allergy medications are common prescription. For horses prone to laminitis, this can be a red flag season, so here are a few ways to help horses fight the flare ups!

What is a BEMER?

Bemer technology improves general blood flow and circulation via a wave signal therapy that is unique from anything else on the market to date. Bemer creates 1200 impulses per second to stimulate blood flow which is vital to proper circulation. Because good blood flow is the basis for maintaining body systems, their functionality, and the overall health of an animal, the Bemer can be a vital preventative and treatment therapy for horses with any acute or systemic deficiency.

How Kinesiology Tape Helps Horses

Kinesiology Taping is popular in human sports medicine and athletic maintenance. What we’ve come to realize is that horses benefit in the same ways to an even greater degree! Essentially, K-Taping helps the horse to heal himself. For working and performance horses, the benefits from a broad spectrum stimulant for self healing can be the edge a horse needs to stay sound year after year. Tune in while we break down the mechanism behind the tape!